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February 26, 2018
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Out of all the dance forms known to Indians, Salsa is one of the hot favorites. It is not only a great way to get an entertainment boost but, also promotes good health, help foster relationships and much more attributes. Fortunately, there are Salsa Parties/ Salsa Socials, which let salsa enthusiasts enjoy the dance form to the core. Besides dancing what makes salsa socials more popular is that they lay an opportunity to meet like-minded people. This opportunity is often extended by both the parties and ends-up more like a community affair, where people meet each other, share mutual thoughts and seek fun from an activity they mutually enjoy, in this case, the activity is Salsa.

But not all is good and merry

However, there is a darker side to social dancing.

Social Dancing is an addictive hobby. Reportedly, there are many people who get addicted to social dancing. People are known to attend social dancing several times a week. This not only leads to distorted habits but also affect the work-life balance of individuals. Health repercussions are also an outcome of this addictiveness. For one thing, it messes up your sleep schedule since most of the socials happen at night, its hard to get a full nights’ sleep if you are out dancing and even after you return, your body is pumped up and doesn’t sleep early

Amateur decision making

Salsa socials addiction is also known to affect the lifestyle and decision making of many people. Several peoples avoid making decisions that make them distant from social dancing. This includes moving to a city that does not have access to Salsa socials. Individuals, who are acute fans of Salsa say no to promotions, lucrative career opportunities as well as relationships sometimes and tend to decide on the basis of social dancing. We’re not saying this is bad, but if the only con in your list about a person, job or city is lack of social dancing, you’re not getting anywhere

Superficial relationships

Indeed social dancing is a great way to make new friends, find like-minded people and expand your circle, the relationships made here often remain on the surface. You make a lot of friends while attending these socials but often these relationships are confined to socials only. Moreover, your knowledge of an individual you meet in socials is also limited. Lets be honest: how much do you know about many of the people you meet social dancing. 


We are living a very fast-paced and stressful life. Salsa Socials are a great way to escape the competitiveness of this lifestyle. But, because of the rising popularity and increasing skill level, people have to be competitive at such events as well. Dancing on the dance floor, which was once a way to enjoy and pleasure oneself, has now become a ground of competitions. Anyone having better skills than you would judge you constantly which creates stress of performance in a scenario which should be completely rid of expectations

Limited Rewards

If you intend to become a trainer someday, Salsa is great for you. But, if not, you cannot take much home dancing salsa or attending Salsa social. The scope and rewards of social salsa dancing are limited. As a social dancer alone, you don’t really get to grow much. 

Festivals are an expensive deals

If you are active salsa dancer and wish to perform on stage, your trainer will indeed help you. Participating in events and festivals will bring you recognition but at a cost. Dancing tickets can be expensive – including festivals tickets, fees, transportation, and more. Moreover, the exposure and recognition is also limited and often the dance school you participate it with takes the trophy and fame. This may also give you a feel cheated despite several years of hard work you get limited fame and exposure.

The fear or social shyness

People at socials also become more conscious of themselves. This can be because of the constant scrutiny they face or the glamor of socials. They hesitate in sharing their experiences and thus helping others. The recognition remains silent and narrow.

So, there is a dark side of social dancing and one must understand this to the core before participating in Salsa Socials. They are fun but only when you  manage your expectations, and treat it as a hobby rather than being completely into it. 


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