Zouk A New Dance Style Similar To Salsa

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February 24, 2016
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Dancing has evolved a lot over the years and today there are a variety of dance forms that you can learn. If you are someone who taps feet to every tune, you must be aware of Zouk. It is a modern dance form that has recently become famous and is perfect for all age groups. It is a dance form that has can be claimed to have had helped in rekindling the interest of solo dancers in partner dancing.  The best part about this Zouk is that it allows you to use many dance steps that you might have learned dancing other Latin dance forms.

Moreover, it also uses similar concepts and techniques and thus makes it easier to learn, for those who have practised other dance forms. If you are ready to learn a new dance form that allows you to express yourself freely while enjoying what you like the most, Zouk is the best grab.


A little more about Zouk:

Before you indulge yourself in this energetic style of dancing, let us tell you more about its origin. Zouk is a French word, which in Antillean French Creole stands for Party. Zouk is not alone a dance form but also a type of music that was first made famous by French Antillean band Kassav in the late 80s. The dance form takes it inspiration from Brazilian Lambada and Samba and is considered as a hypnotic dance form that promotes sensuality.

Interesting features of Zouk Dance form:

Wave-like movements, stretched steps and energetic hair movements are the three main attributes of Zouk dance form to be performed by the lady dancer. The dancing includes both sides to the side and back and forth striking movements to create a wave-like appearance. The body roll steps resemble Samba while the hip grinds are very much like Lambada.

Developing sensuality by dancing to the rhythm in seamless style is the primary feature of this dance form. Throwing back of the head and bending for a back arch are the common steps used as a show stopper by the female dancer. The leg movements involve dancing with the balls of the toe and putting enough force as in grinding the floor. This helps the female dancer to perform better hip movements.

The Embrace:

The dance form allows the liberty to choose open/ close or embrace dance form. It can be easily compared to open embrace hold Salsa dance or close embrace hold Bachata dance. The partners, depending upon their comfort level. Can choose any hold they like. Higher the comfort level, better the performance.

Space required:

The dance is although a spot dance but the involvement of elongated steps requires more space to perform. Covering the space while holding your partner and showcasing poise is what makes Zouk a mesmerizing dance form.

Music for the dance:

If you wish to dance Zouk, you can tap your feet to the Haitian rhythms or the music of Dominica- cadence. As mentioned above, the music Zouk was made famous by The Caribbean Antillean band Kassav. Later Brazillian Lambada dancers opted Zouk music to dance on and thus Zouk Dance form evolved. The music itself makes you thump on its beats and if you are aware how to dance Zouk, you surely won’t be able to resist your dancing temptations.

Zouk craze is at its highest as more and more people are willing to learn this energetic style of dancing. It is one dance form that boosts sensuality through energetic dancing and helps you feel refreshed.

In addition to traditional music, many DJs, notably DJ Kakkah frequently create Zouk Remixes of popular songs

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