February 26, 2018

How Salsa Parties are good?

Parties are an easy way to de-stress, socialize and have an easy day/night in your hectic life. However, in recent times, the theme of parties have become too monotonous to offer you the desired level of pleasure. While some of us might enjoy this way of partying, the majority of population is against this trend. People need a change from late night disco parties and luckily, Salsa is there for the rescue. read more

February 24, 2018

Find Best Salsa Parties In India

When it comes to physical and mental well-being, Salsa comes on top of the list. The dance form has emerged in the recent years and today had a strong base worldwide. Both professional and causal Salsa dancers enjoy dancing to the thumping beats and thanks to some awesome salsa parties, there are amazing socials organized all across the nation. Salsa parties offer Salsa aficionados a chance to meet like-minded people and do what they love the most- dance on salsa beats. read more

February 19, 2018

Skip The Night Club And Try A Salsa Social

Night clubs are fun and a great way to get wasted and dance crazy. We love night clubs, they’re certainly associated with any city or areas coming to age as an urban landscape. However, night clubs have their own problems, especially in countries like India. read more

February 17, 2018

Why Getting Rejected For A Dance Hurts And How To Tackle It

(This article is written from the perspective of men in India but applies just as well to any sort of rejection)

It has happened to all of us at one point or another. You ask someone for a dance, and they turn you down… sometimes with look of cold smug arrogance on their face. read more

February 16, 2018

Zouk A New Dance Style Similar To Salsa

Dancing has evolved a lot over the years and today there are a variety of dance forms that you can learn. If you are someone who taps feet to every tune, you must be aware of Zouk. It is a modern dance form that has recently become famous and is perfect for all age groups. It is a dance form that has can be claimed to have had helped in rekindling the interest of solo dancers in partner dancing.  The best part about this Zouk is that it allows you to use many dance steps that you might have learned dancing other Latin dance forms. read more